Group Coaching
 with Jamie Glowacki
Affordable Coaching To Work Through The Complexities of Raising Your Tiny Humans...Unfiltered
This is group parenting coaching, not for potty training. 

Group Coaching
 with Jamie Glowacki
Affordable Coaching To Work Through The Complexities of Raising Your Tiny Humans...Unfiltered

You know how you wish kids came with a manual? 
But what if they came with an expert?
What if you had the village at your fingertips? 

We’ve lost the village, for sure. And that makes parenting lonely.  
We have a shit ton of opinions available online but that just makes parenting confusing AF. 

Imagine being able to ask a parenting expert anything, at any time.
And getting a straightforward, honest answer from someone you trust. 

Imagine a circle of parents who are aligned with you, who are respectful…a space where you can truly be your vulnerable parenting self?
To share your woes, your worries, and your warrior days where you’re kicking ass. 

I’ve created it. 
It’s my private coaching circle and I invite you in. 

If you’ve ever tried to crowd source information in an online moms group, you know it goes to hell in a hand basket in a New York minute. I have NEVER seen an online group that doesn’t become a clusterfuck. 

I set out to create an online tribe that wouldn’t dissolve into angry opinionated nonsense.

And I did. 
And it’s awesome.

Please note: this group is for parenting. 
This is NOT for potty training. 
This is group coaching. 
We share it all, we bare it all. It’s vulnerable. It’s real. 
We’re working together on some issues. We have some group projects and exercises. 

I’m also on standby for the random kid question. It’s like having me on speed dial, to ask me anything. (I am a real person, with a real life, and don’t spend all my time on FB in groups, so bear that in mind…yes, we meet in a private group on Facebook). 

It’s $47 a month. Which is way more affordable than my private consulting. 
If you have questions about the group coaching or private consulting, email us at  

OF NOTE: while potty training questions may arise in this group occasionally…because it IS this age range, THIS IS NOT FOR POTTY TRAINING. Please do not sign up for just potty training. I will respectfully remove you from the group. 
Hey hey! For those of you who don’t know me...I’m Jamie Glowacki, the author of Oh Crap! Potty Training and Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler. I’ve been weaving my magic with the Under 5 Crowd for over 18 years. I love this wildly misunderstood point of childhood. What looks like crazy and psychotic is actually just a bunch of fucking huge emotions and even huge-er learning. 

Oh. Yeah. I cuss. Like a lot. But I have nothing but the utmost respect for the work you’re doing as a parent. And till my dying day, I will fight like hell for the toddler perspective. I’m a blend of old school and new school...a kind of conscious-cursing-sailor kind of expert. Speaking of expert...YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF YOUR CHILD. I’m just a guide to keep you on the path you envision.
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