Confused about night time potty training? 
How can your little one start staying dry?
Someone once wrote on Facebook, "I need another entire book for night training!"
Well...this isn't a whole's even better! 
 A mini-course with everything I know for successful night potty training. 
➣ Not ready to actively night train? That's okay! Learn all the ways to encourage your little one to stay dry on their own without waking them up.

➣ Not clear on the goal of night training? Lots of parents are confused; should the child be waking themselves or staying dry? You'll learn the ultimate end game.

➣ Don't kids just start staying dry by themselves? Some do and some don't. We'll go through the ages and markers for when that will or won't happen.

➣ The "hormone thing". ADH is the anti-diuretic hormone that slows down urine production. If your child isn't releasing this, night training will be much harder. We'll discuss this important factor that's often overlooked.
Night training can be the most panic-producing part of potty training.
 And I totally understand that it can be confusing as hell. 
Because your child is sleeping, it's never behavior...
So let's learn how to support and encourage your child to stay dry! 
Here's the funny thing about a published book... 
Once that book is in print, it's IN STONE! And I'm an active potty training coach with a consistently full case load. Which means I'm constantly learning. But I can't just toss that info back into the book. And I've learned a few things about night training since Oh Crap Potty Training was published.

So this supplement has much more than the chapter in the book. New tips and tricks and what to do when it all seems impossible.
Let's jump in and determine your child's capability! We'll dive into all the things you can do to support your little one and all the best practices for a peaceful night and dry bed. 
Hey, hey! If you don't know me, I'm Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap! Potty Training. I totally get it. I know potty training can be so overwhelming! Especially night training. 

You want to do this right. You want to give your child the best experience but you also want it to be pretty painless on your end, too. Am I right? And you're being thrown a shit-ton of advice. Too much. 

So, listen. You can crowd source on Facebook and get a billion conflicting know-it-alls chiming in on how you should raise your child. Or ya could work with a professional. That'd be me. This is my job and I am the best at it. 

I don't say that to be cocky. I say it's 'cause it's true. I've worked with THOUSANDS of families just like yours. I regularly work with pediatric urologists and gastroenterologists. There is nothing I haven't seen. NOTHING. 

This is what I do and I can guide your family to sane, gentle, and effective night training. 

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