Does the thought of potty training freak you out?  
Don't know when or how to even begin? 
Are you SO confused with all the potty information out there? 
I've got you covered in this Potty Training 101. 
This is not some bullshit selling webinar. I want you to have the best potty training information so you can do this with confidence and ease. It's an hour long webinar, the same one I give around the globe in my speaking engagements. Seriously. This is for you. 
In this free webinar, we'll cover:
➣ When to potty train; the best age range for optimal success.

➣ Why you don't wait till they're ready! Look for capable.  

➣ A full run down of my "blocks of learning" (the how-to)

➣ My ALWAYS and My NEVERS in potty training. 

➣ A shit ton of solid information from a pro who's done this a LOT. 
Do you really want to crowd source this important milestone on Facebook? Or keep asking around and getting conflicting opinions? Or ask in crazy mom groups? Really? 

Wouldn't you rather get guidance from an actual expert who has helped THOUSANDS of families just like yours? 

Hey! That's ME! Let me help you wrap your head around this! 
I'm Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap! Potty training and toddler expert. I've been a full time potty trainer for 10 years. There is nothing I haven't seen. I know this milestone is sometimes crazy making and I love helping parents navigate it with ease and grace. 

Join me. I will help make this as painless as possible for you and your family!
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