Is your child having pooping problems?
Let me help you end the pooping struggle.
With the Oh Crap Pooping Solutions!
I know just how awful it can be when your child is having poop difficulties. 
➢ You have tried EVERYTHING. And still your little one is having a hard time.

➢ You have cried over poop. You might be fighting with your spouse over poop. Pooping struggles usually put a major strain on the entire household.  

➢ Your entire day revolves around poop. When is it coming? Where will it land? How long will it take this time. 
The Oh Crap Pooping Solutions covers it all. 
There are 4 modules with 10 easily digested lessons! 
And I have experience with the most dramatic cases.
In this in-depth course, we'll cover all this: 
➢ We first go through the markers to see what "level" your child is at. 

➢ Issue range from mild "can't go" to severe "anus of steel".

➢ We then move onto a myriad of ways to keep the poop soft and easy to pass.

➢ We'll explore the external factors that could be contributing to both constipation and/or withholding and how to fix them.

➢ A "language check" to be sure the words you are using are effective. The biggest obstacles in your way of success.
There isn't anything I haven't seen. I can help. 
➢ Children who display crazy behavior when it's time to poop.  

➢ Pooping in pants in inappropriate situations; also leaking and smearing.

➢ Children who cry and shake when it's time to poop.

➢ Children who can withhold poop for days, even weeks at a time. 

➢ Kids who try to sit and poop and pop back up before anything can happen.
Hey, hey! If you don't know me, I'm Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap! Potty Training. 
I totally get it. I know how hard pooping is making your life right now. 

Pooping issues almost never resolve on their own. It's my experience that these issues only escalate. So if you're going crazy's not going to get better.  

So, listen. You can crowd source on Facebook and get a billion conflicting know-it-alls chiming in on how you should raise your child. Or ya could work with a professional. That'd be me. 
This is my job and I am the best at it. 

I don't say that to be cocky. I say it's 'cause it's true. I've worked with THOUSANDS of families just like yours. I regularly work with pediatric urologists and gastroenterologists. There is nothing I haven't seen. NOTHING. 

This is what I do and I can guide your family back off the ledge of the pooping drama. 
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