A course for gentle parents about to lose their shit.  
Let's cultivate calm out of the chaos.
Reset and regulate the volatile emotions in your home. 
And bring the gentle back to your parenting. 
A month-long live class with Jamie Glowacki.
We begin February 22nd, 2020
Are you struggling with your little one?
Feeling lost with epic meltdowns?
Crazy reactions to tiny things?
0-60 tantrums out of nowhere? 
When our little guys start escalating and going into overdrive crazy mode, it's easy to think it's them. It's easy to think that this has nothing to do with you. 

I'm sure you have a bunch of parenting tools that you've read or heard about. But your kid is just. not. responding to them. 

You don't want to use time outs. You don't want to punish. You certainly don't want to spank. But lord almighty, this child is out of control. You feel heart broken that you can't help. 
But what if I told you it's you? And that with a just a few tweaks, we can fill your parenting toolbox with effective tools that will allow your child to learn how to self regulate?  
By the end of this course you will:  
  • Have strategies to help your child self-regulate.
  • Have effective tools to feel confident and secure in your parenting. 
  • Have a level, calm household, minimizing explosive reactions.
  • Learn which battles are actually meaningful to you in the old "pick your battles". 
  • Be able to maintain your vision of gentle parenting, with total respect for your child and their emotions. 
  • Be on the same page as your spouse (or at least in the same book)!
It's not what you think...
Sometimes we have to wade through our crap, to find what's in our way. We have to find out what triggers us so strongly with our little ones. 

It's exciting work but it's not always pretty. I help mamas figure out who they are as parents so they can be the most effective with their children. 

Together, we look at all the things that made us into the parents we are...what we want to keep and 
what we want to change. 

For the better. 
This course is for you if: 
  • You've committed to gentle parenting yet your little one is spinning out of control with their behavior.
  • You spend your day putting out fires...after fire after fire. 
  • You are beyond exhausted. You love your child to the moon and yet every day nearly brings you to tears.
  • You feel like you just don't know how to help your child.
  • You know gentle, mindful parenting is the way but you are currently lost
This Course is NOT for you if: 
  • feel corporal punishment is okay (spanking, hitting, etc).  
  • just want your child fixed.
  • haven't explored your own childhood trauma and wounds.
  • are unwilling to look at those wounds. 
  • feel kids should just be blindly obedient. 
You will learn:
  • Why your words can be so ineffective.  
  • Appropriate expectations for the age of your child. 
  • What is happening in your child's brain at this age. 
  • How to align your expectations with your parenting philosophy.
  • How to establish boundaries that will help your child. 
  • How to get off the roller coaster of gentle parent/psycho parent. 

How this course will work: 
We’ll meet once a week from February 22nd until March 14th.

Days & Times of LIVE classes: Saturdays at 10:00am EST
All sessions will be live, but will also be recorded for you to view later/download.

Each call will be interactive. 
We’ll use my book Oh Crap I Have A Toddler as a jumping off point. 

There will be a peer support group via a private Facebook group. 
I'm Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap! Potty Training and Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler. Yes, I specialize in toddler behavior but I also specialize in parent behavior. We as parents are often (unknowingly and unconsciously) adding fuel to the fire when our little ones start to lose their shit. We need to be the center of calm in the middle of the chaos. 

This isn't about being "mindful" or about counting to ten slowly. This is about filling your toolbox with the appropriate parenting tools. To make you feel in control without being a crazy controlling authoritarian parent.  To teach your little one how to self regulate on their own. 

We're in a new land of parenting. And many of us are lost. I say US on purpose. We're in this together. Changing a whole paradigm can be tricky AF.  
And brave. My work currently centers around parents who are committed to gentle, mindful parenting yet find their children highly reactive and often explosive in their behavior. 

These parents, predominantly mamas, are hyper aware of their own childhood trauma and are working so diligently to do better for their own children. And getting lost along the way.  

Let me help you find your way. 

Please note: once courses begin, no refunds will be issued. In promoting my courses I do my best to fully explain the content of the course. 
This work is often hard and unpleasant. This is not a quick fix, nor is this a place to solely vent and child-blame. 
If you do the work, the results can be amazingly quick and effective.  
If you have any questions about the course, feel free to email: jamie@jamieglowacki.com. 
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